What is Piano B?

Piano B is an opportunity.

An opportunity to see things from another point of view, an opportunity to live following another rhythm and on another dimension.
Technically Piano B started in January 2010, on the Moreniche hills harmonically situated between the city and the countryside so it can utilise the best from both worlds; the nature and the dialogue.

Piano B is endeavour in setting up a place where the lifestyle is sustainable in a human way; helping to build genuine relationships and exchanges between the people involved and ecologically making better use of the resources and the fruits that the earth gives us.
Piano B is organizing many activities starting from the exchange market every last Sunday of the month. This market aims to make people more aware about reusing goods and what we think of as garbage. It will help change how we usually see the market as something not only based on money but also on exchange, sharing and helping each other. There will be opportunities to sign up or set up a workshop covering different subjects from nature and art to soap making, gardening with different techniques like permaculture, learning ways of building that are different from concrete, learning how to work with wood, and discovering again the taste of tradition.

Piano B is all about, we invite you to find out what it will be and this depends on your participation, not just the physical but also your participation in sharing ideas, knowledge and wisdom.